About Us

About us

Property Auction Consultancy`s founders, with a wealth of experience and knowledge, having been in the property business in excess of 15 years, have seen various changes and trends in the property market, very noticeably in the last few years the change in property auctions, and a change in buyers and sellers.

Historically it was very common for properties which were perhaps uninhabitable or in need of major structural works to be carried out, to go to auction. That all slowly began to change from around 2010 onwards. Since that time, property auction halls are busy bustling places, with no short of properties and land for sale, all types of properties including houses, luxury apartments, investment properties, storage and commercial units and more. This in turn has attracted far more potential buyers, which for the auction halls is great news, not always the case for potential buyers though.

Having come across a number of cases where buyers through auction had bought something which was not quite what they expected, we felt it was time to raise the awareness of potential buyers, pointing out that auction purchases are not always what they may seem, and highlight the element of risk an auction purchase can pose, against that of an open market “conventional” property purchase.

Our aim is simple-to highlight the potential dangers of an auction purchase to potential buyers, advising them and helping them to avoid costly mistakes, allowing them to embark on a successful property journey.

Many very successful buyers and investors enjoy the benefits of property investment, whether adding to an existing portfolio or beginning to build a property rental portfolio, buying your own home or business premises, or looking to trade in property by buying, refurbishing and selling on, dealing in property can be very lucrative and very profitable.

If you wish to deal in auction properties and be successful, contact us to further discuss your property requirements.

We offer various additional services including:

  • Property Project Management.
  • Property Training.
  • Property Sourcing.

To see our range of services, please visit the services section of the website.

Or, email us: info@propertyauctionconsultancy.co.uk


Client Satisfaction

I am so glad that I connected with Martin Lang before I made my first property purchase via auction. Martin knows property auctions like the back of his hand and is well place to provide guidance on the pitfalls which shows like Homes Under The Hammer skip! Martin guided me through the whole process, he was always at hand to any questions I had and made sure I had covered all the necessary due diligence required the auction. Thank you for all your time and the great advice! Would highly recommend Martin's services!

Andrew Logathasan