Client disclaimer

Our client disclaimer is below for reference, certain edits have been made for online purposes due to client confidentiality, all clients must sign this document prior to the first consultation with us

Property Auction Consultancy Limited offer client`s advice and consultations on property auctions for the purpose of allowing clients to gain a full and comprehensive understanding of the process, and to potentially explore additional options of buying or selling property, however we do not support, endorse or oppose any auction companies or organizations, and are not in any way connected to any auction companies or organizations.


  1. All client fees and charges for the services we are providing to you relating to any property auction training consultations are payable in advance, prior to your initial consultation commencing.
  2. While the information we provide has been thoroughly prepared in order to assist clients, we must point out that we are not offering clients any financial or legal advice and you should not interpret any of our advice as this in any way.
  3. Clients agree to keep all information provided by Property Auction Consultancy Limited confidential and not to pass this information to third parties.
  4. All fees for Property Auction related services are non-refundable.
  5. All clients must satisfy themselves with our Terms & Conditions prior to engaging our services.
  6. By signing this document the client confirms acceptance of the contents of this document.


On the actual document clients and a Property Auction Consultancy representative would sign and date this form.