Auction Success

If you are looking to buy property at auction, and want to ensure you make the right choice, make the most of your investment, making it a successful one, simply follow these steps:

  1. Let us provide you with property auction training.
  2. Understand the journey you are embarking on.
  3. Take expert advice.

All too often buyers enter into an auction purchase with no training, guidance or experience, and while for some this could be a risk they feel worth taking, many others will tell you differently.

Ask yourself this: “would you sign a contract when you did not fully understand what you were signing?”

Now, most people will answer no to this, and rightly so. Yet when it comes to property auction, if you are going to bid on a property without any property experience/training, then that is exactly what you are doing.

Thousands of property buyers/investors deal in auction properties each week, and having years of experience in doing this ourselves, we can tell you that in order to deal successfully at auction you must understand the process.

With over 15 years of property experience, in all aspects of property, we can guide you through the process, allowing you to have a vast understanding of property auctions, without facing enormous expense as many unsuspecting buyers have done previously.

A client earlier on this year had engaged with us to enter into a comprehensive and in-depth property auction consultation, with a view to following up with an auction education programme.

Following the consultation, the buyer was (as were we) satisfied fully in the knowledge we had provided to them they were now ready to make that first property auction purchase. The benefit of engaging with ourselves was that the buyer was then in a fully informed position to make the purchase, knowing what to expect, and preventing the buyer from being left in a very costly position.

At Property Auction Consultancy we will give you the benefit of our many years of experience & knowledge.

For additional details, pricing information, or any enquiries, contact us today.


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We offer a range of property services, and can tailor make a package to suit your individual needs. Services are listed below, feel free to contact us to discuss specific requirements:

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Client Satisfaction

I am so glad that I connected with Martin Lang before I made my first property purchase via auction. Martin knows property auctions like the back of his hand and is well place to provide guidance on the pitfalls which shows like Homes Under The Hammer skip! Martin guided me through the whole process, he was always at hand to any questions I had and made sure I had covered all the necessary due diligence required the auction. Thank you for all your time and the great advice! Would highly recommend Martin's services!

Andrew Logathasan