Terms & Conditions

  1. Property Auction Consultancy Limited offer clients a variety of packages, in order to best advise clients on the process of property auction, using various support methods, while we act in our clients` best interests, clients should be aware that the final decision is that of the client, and Property Auction Consultancy Limited accept no responsibility for any clients decision(s) following our consultation(s) with them.
  2. All client fees and charges for consultations and/or training packages we are providing, are payable in advance, prior to your first property consultation commencing.
  3. We are not offering clients any financial, tax, legal or surveying advice in any way, although we can we can offer clients contact details of solicitors, estate agents, surveyors and accountants should they require them, however clients are free to make their own choices in appointing whoever they wish to, in order to have any of these services carried out.
  4. Property Auction Consultancy Limited may offer you additional services, such as property letting management, for a monthly fee, if you do not wish any of these services, you must send your initial instruction to us by email.
  5. We offer clients advice (during and after our consultations) on the auction process, terms, conditions and general rules of sale, as well as open market buying/selling process, property pricing and all advice is in line with the information provided to us by our clients during consultation.
  6. Property Auction Consultancy Limited accepts no responsibility for any profit(s) or losses incurred by clients when purchasing or not purchasing a property via property auction or on the open market, regardless of our involvement on advising you on the property. The client`s decision with any purchase or potential purchase is final, and this is the sole responsibility of the client(s).